Kitsen Aluminium Modular Scaffold System (K-Ring)

Kitsen Aluminium modular system (K-Ring) is an all-round, multi-directional aluminium alloy scaffold. K-Ring is a versatile modular system for all access needs. The system is much more flexible than frame scaffold which provides access from the simple to the complicated application, suitable for construction building projects, industries, shipyards, offshore installations, refineries and other maintenance and cleaning job. Its construction height is up to 50m. Our K-ring is fully compliant to European Standard EN1004, hence we guarantee our K-Ring system offer excellent performance with highest safety standard.


  1. Light weight yet strong and durable.
  2. Easy and fast Erection and dismantle.
  3. Flexibility in design.
  4. Competitive rates.
  5. Manufactured and tested in compliance with European Standard EN 1004 : 2004.
  6. Self-closing trapdoor and wind lock applied.
  7. Spigot connecting mechanism for easy assembly and dismantling.
  8. Dual brake on/off systems.
  9. Slip resistant platforms.
  10. Flexible combination of different components for various project purposes.
  11. Safe working load of 272kg per platform level, up to a maximum of 1,000kg per tower. (including self-weight)